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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Look at my souvenir from Portugal!!

I was in Silves for an afternoon of sightseen, we went to visit a castle and in the main entrance there was a lady wo was crocheting, she was making beautiful doilies. She only spoke portuguese but from signes, I understood that she was making them from the top of her head. I did not bring my work, I wish I did just to tell her that I was a "crocheter" too... I think it was a sign.

On our way back to the car, DH took a different way and as we walk down the little street I saw it... it was right there ... the most beautiful little LYS. I was so excited.DH saw a bench down the street and told me he would wait for me there... he knows better.

So here is a sample... one ball of each different kind I bought. I already made a shoo-fly thinghy with the blue and yellow. the white is for a Christening dress or romper, the blue was for the baby boy of DH's good friend but we found something else later during the trip so I will find something else and the other colorful ones, I was thinking doing shoo-fly thinghy but I will have to figure out something because right now this one id too big and the beads are not heavy enough. So here it is!

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