Tàri-Nienna - Creative Log

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Poncho drag

I have never been big on working on more than one project at the time other than having a dishcloth waiting to be finish while I make something more interesting but today I feel like it. I have been working on Nat's poncho for a while and I am getting bored with it. I am thinking about starting Michelle's.

It might just be because I think I will have to undo-redo one of the side and I have been putting some time into it, I really don't feel like starting over... I guess I will have to finish e second one before I cant tell. The second looks perfect... better anyway, the first one I had to add an extension because once I was far along enough it was not the right length. For the second one, I almost spend a whole day doing and undoing it to make sure it was the right length... and it is.

Yesterday I called a friend from my old job and they started a "knitting/crocheting club". About ten women are getting together at lunch to "knit and b*tch". What a great idea! I love it. Unfortunately I would not be able to do that here as most of people take only 1/2 hour lunch, not much time to do anything and it is not like we have a room where we could do it, everything is always booked solid. I will talk to a few girls about it anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained.