Tàri-Nienna - Creative Log

Monday, November 01, 2004

Procrastination can be a good thing

Last week I had the poncho drag, my mood was definitely low and I think I found out why. This weekend, I could not stand that poncho anymore, I am less than a ball away from finishing it (if I don’t decide to undo-redo the first side) but anyway I started a new project and suddenly my mood swung up and I felt so much better. The poncho I was making is black… I think the color just killed my spirit seeing black all the time, the new one is pink, “La vie en rose” just makes me feel better. Did you ever had this happened to you?

I will be careful for now on and will try to alternate with another project when I work with black… It made such a big difference.
I had a get together last Friday and I thought I could make some “crochet friends”. I thought it would be more of a sitting down kind of party but everybody was pretty much standing… a little difficult to crochet. I had to leave after an hours and half only… I was expecting some friends for the weekend and had to be there to welcome them. So really no great result on the crochet side but it was nice to chat with those women.