Tàri-Nienna - Creative Log

Monday, November 29, 2004

Free, I am free of the black!

I am pretty happy about what I was able to do this weekend... Finishing my two black ponchos. It feels so good to have a couple 100% in my progress bar, I think I will kept them for a couple days like that.
I live in Canada so no Thanksgiving for me last weekend and time to work on projects and on my blog. Our Tanksgiving was a month ago.

I need to find a pattern and some yarn for another Christmas present project. My first idea was to make a shrug but I talked to the "future owner" this weekend and it seems like she would like a poncho with a hood. If I find one I will make it but yesterday I look into the wonderful poncho pattern list on Faery Craft and did not find one. I will try for another couple days to find one but I have to begin it soon. I could always make up one, but I am not in the mood for a trial-error method.