Tàri-Nienna - Creative Log

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I am so proud!

I finished my hooded poncho. I am so proud! It looks great!

It was not an easy job but I made the conversion and I looks everything like I wanted to. I hope that she will like it.

I also had to figure out a stitch to make the loop on the opposite side. For the hood I could not do rounds and make loops on every row with the loop stitch I had work with previously. I was in the car and did not have my stitches book with me so I try a few thing and find a way to make the loop on the opposite side of the fabric, I don't even know if it exists... I guess it does but not in my book. I checked when I got home.

I wish I had a digital camera. I went shopping for a cellular phone this weekend, I might get the one that takes pictures just for my crochet projects... I am going back on Monday... will see.