Tàri-Nienna - Creative Log

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

News as extreme as they come

I made the black poncho for Nat, my brother's girlfriend. I learn this weekend that they broke up. By the sound of it, it is permanent. I don't know if I should send her the poncho or not. I was supposed to send her a picture of the one I made because I found it too big, I wanted her opinion and I was planning … more than planning since I already bought the yarn, on making another one, smaller. My brother told me that anyway she could not wait and bought herself one a couple weeks ago but if I want to give it to her, he could take care of the “ delivery”.

I could give the poncho I already made to Mike’s sister, I thought about it because she is tall and it would suit her and the second one I will do to his niece or even to my cousin even if I planned on making slippers for her… I don’t know. I don’t want Nat to think that I am not giving her the poncho because I have some kind of negative feeling about the break up but I don’t feel like making a new one for her…

On another note, we got engaged this weekend. Mike asked me to marry him on Saturday. Pretty busy weekend, announcing the news and talking about what we want. We are looking to get married in September 2005. I am thinking about making the wedding gown cover from Needful yarn… will see!