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Friday, November 12, 2004

To crochet or not to crochet... That is the question

Yesterday, I had to go to the next town (2 hours drive one-way) for a meeting ... with my boss. He was the one who was driving. So 4 hours in the car... really nice opportunity to work on some crochet projects but there is a but:
Here is the situation, I have been working in this company for a year... by the way, I moved to this town for Love, yes with capital L and had to find a new job. I work in a very professional consulting company and I have to admit that I was worried about how it would be perceived by my boss ...

I never been shy about it. I have been crocheting in doctor's offices, in car repair shops, in malls, in driveways, at the hairdresser, waiting in line to get gas for my car, chatting with friends and family... I am out there and spreading the word... but would it change my boss' opinion on me, he is young, would he understand my passion for this craft... that is what I was worried about.

On the way to the meeting we talked for most of the ride so I didn't get anything out... On the way back, I did some business related work and then after an hour... I got my crochet out. It was alright, he talked about a friend of his that is an avid knitter and made some jokes only a non-initiated could do but it was all right....

That is funny because I finally got out of the closet with my boss when he is the one who is gay!

I should learn to do buttons and add one on my blog as a "girl guide badge" ... I crocheted in front of my boss or My boss knows... this is quite and achievement for me, I am telling you.