Tàri-Nienna - Creative Log

Friday, December 31, 2004

I got a few pictures and thanks

Here is some pictures of my niece Jasmine, first of the family:
Look at her, cute and cuter!

Thank you for your good words about my work , that put my mind back in the right track. Here is the dress I made for Jasmine... it looks blue on the picture but it is a dark lilac... I don't know what happened.

Happy New Year to all,
All the best to each of you and lots, lots of yarn fun in 2005!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Need for approval

My sister had her baby girl on December 23, she is a cutie, I saw her yesterday. I gave her the dress and the baby cover, booties and hat kit. I was feeling weird about it, I talked to my Dad about my present over Christmas, before I see my sister and the way he told me "you made some crafts" I felt like it was not an adequate present to give to my sister. I have been given handmade presents (crocheted baby blankets mainly) to my friends who had babies and they all were very happy about it but I felt from my dad's comment that I should have been giving something else. I know that I am the one who is letting him make me feel like that but I guess I am still the little girl who is looking to get Daddy's approval. Anyway I give it to my sister and it is not for her, it is for Jasmine... did I say she is so cute and only a week old.

Hook me up!

Over the holidays, while I was at my Dad, I looked everywhere to find my mom's crochets and knitting needles but without success. She passed four years ago and since I am thinking about learning to knit I thought I could use hers. I have no clue where they could be but I will still give another look next time I go.

After a few days at my Dad's, we went to le Massif, mountain by the sea, for a couple days of downhill skiing. It was wonderful. It is impressive, when you ski you feel like you will end up in the River. We stayed in a little Inn and our meals were included. It was delicious. It is owned by a young couple and the man is turning wood and making all kinds of beautiful things. He is making pens... and pens can look a bit like crochet... Do you see me coming? I asked him if he would try to make a few crochet for me... and he accepted! I asked for three crochets. He will be working on it and I should have them in a few weeks. I can't wait! Since I have seen the one of turn of the century I have been dying to get some but these ones will be design specially for me!

I am here

I have not written in a while but with the holidays and the preparations and a few last minute gifts, I did not have a minute to write.

So here I am, I give the three ponchos to Mike's sister and nieces. Looks like they liked them but I will have to see if they wear it, that is the real compliment.

I did a pair of slippers for my cousin and I am still working on a cute sparkly poncho for her daughter, I have not seen them yet so I will have time to finish it. Mike asked for a winter hat... He has a bigger head so had a hard time to find one that fits but I guess I over estimated the size since now the hat looks too big... I will try to shrink it in the washer... I am a little worried but I will give it a try.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I am so proud!

I finished my hooded poncho. I am so proud! It looks great!

It was not an easy job but I made the conversion and I looks everything like I wanted to. I hope that she will like it.

I also had to figure out a stitch to make the loop on the opposite side. For the hood I could not do rounds and make loops on every row with the loop stitch I had work with previously. I was in the car and did not have my stitches book with me so I try a few thing and find a way to make the loop on the opposite side of the fabric, I don't even know if it exists... I guess it does but not in my book. I checked when I got home.

I wish I had a digital camera. I went shopping for a cellular phone this weekend, I might get the one that takes pictures just for my crochet projects... I am going back on Monday... will see.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ottawa crochet Meet up

There was no crowd at the Ottawa crochet meet up this month; there was freezing rain warnings. I just could not cancel my attendance, I was waiting for that for a month and I was pretty excited about meeting other "hookers"... I did not regret waiting a little after work because I was not the only one that braved the weather to go.

I met N. , she is a advanced knitter and a beginner crocheter. It was nice to talk about projects, I don't have anybody in my entourage that understand my passion for crocheting... they all think it is for old ladies... but they are all pretty happy when they get a present though! It was a lovely evening, my favorite coffee, crochet and good company.

The hooded poncho is moving along nicely… I am a little worried that I won’t have enough yarn for the hood. I went back to the store but they don’t have the same color lot I have… I took everything they had on my first purchase. I am hoping they will get a new shipment next week. I will keep my fingers crossed... even if it might make it difficult to crochet… with my fingers crossed ;o)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Never too late

I spend most of the afternoon yesterday going over the hooded poncho pattern. I could see that my work started twisting and I thought that I should really spend sometime and convert the whole pattern before I move any further. So I checked the number of stitch and rows, calculated the length and width… I spend a lot of time on it but it is all done.

I seriously thought about undoing everything and starting from scratch… I even started all the beginning chains and a bit of the first row… But then I just could not rip all the work I have done this week. So I rip maybe a third of the work I have done so far and I am back at it… Anyway I will have to make another one to try the pattern from the beginning but I want this one to be ready for Christmas I must hurry.