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Thursday, January 06, 2005

I am a godmother

My sister called last night, she had something special she wanted to ask me. She wants me as Jasmine's godmother... as a second godmother, she will have 2 godmothers and no godfather; the big sisters of both parents. Now then I am thinking about it maybe I should have proposed that they take my brother so Jasmine gets a godmother and a godfather but she would not have been spoiled the same way since he is always broke... but that might have made him more dependable though... anyway, I said yes so it is too late now.

I will ask my sister if she would like me to make a Baptism gown, maybe this Christening Dress, I don't know if she is into that.

I changed the links in my previous post so you can see Jasmine and the dress I made for her. Have a look!