Tàri-Nienna - Creative Log

Friday, January 07, 2005

Last night's work

I started my baby cover for the ripple along (crochetville), my first . Unfortunately, the yarn is driving me crazy, it is Bernat LULU in Snowball and Busy blues. I can't see my stitches... I have to "feel" it. The first row is the worst the following ones are easier... a new skill to acquire needs patience; crochet with closed eyes!?! I will have to do it a few times since I have to work 6 to 8 strips.

It will be so pretty is worth going crazy.

Another thing that is driving me crazy is that I don't have a digital camera. I wish I could share more of my work include it in my blog and in crochetville . I am very tempted to buy one but they are pretty expensive and which one to pick... I will have to start shopping inquiries on Digital cameras.

I finish another Hat for Mike last night, it is a success more than the last one which was too big. He likes it, the fit, the feel and the look . I am so happy that he is wearing something I made... I wish I could show you the results...