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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am back... before I leave

Ok, ok, I know I have been busy lately and not able to add any new post to my blog… and I am worried I will lose the little readers I have. I have had a lot of travel for work and the wedding is taking a lot of time.

So here is a quick update,

Hat Swap: I sent my package and she received it. She says that she wears it everyday, I am so happy. There is no better compliment that when your work is used to my opinion. My pal sent my hat on the 14th, I hope I will get it before the end of the week. We are going away skiing in BC for a week… I can use a new hat. I will be working on the hats for charity next week.

Crochet-Along: I have been working on the baby cover but I am only on the second strip. I will bring it with me on vacation; I should be able to do a lot… maybe to finish it. That would be great! It has been a lot easier to work with the yarn; I kinda looked better at the work and found a good way to work it.

Meet ups: There is a crochet meet up today, I would like to go but last time I went, I ended up wasting my time since I was the only one there... or I would say that the other lady did not stay long enough so I could see her. With the trip and the wedding, I don't have much time to waist... Honestly, I felt so sad when nobody showed up that is more the rejection feeling than anything else that is holding me back... I will see how I feel at the end of the day.

I gave the poncho to my cousin’s daughter; it looks great on her. I forgot to take a picture… what’s new! I also give a pair of slippers to my cousin… she wants a pair in Phentex now… It is pretty difficult to find! Michael’s doesn’t have it and Walmart lacks in color choices.

I called for help at crochetville and got wonderful ideas for the wedding, I was overwhelmed by the response I got. I will begin with a basket for the flower girl and go from there.

This will keep me pretty busy so I will probably postponed my plan of learning to knit.
I am leaving on Friday, so I probably won’t be back until I return but keep on visiting, I is so nice to have comments.